Cement Rendering Melbourne



Cement Rendering Melbourne



Rendering is a great way to transform your home’s cosmetic appearance. With almost instant results as well as durability in the Australian landscape, this is a fantastic option to spruce up your Melbourne property.


Rendering Melbourne has all of the necessary knowledge base and skills to ensure your project looks exactly how you imagined it would. We will work alongside you throughout the entire process to ensure that you are confident with the project each step of the way.


What is Cement Rendering?


Cement render is made up of a pre-mixed layer of sand and cement and is applied to a number of exterior surfaces such including stone and brick facades. We bring forward the option of a textured finish in a range of colours to our clients to match their desired design.  


Benefits of Cement Rendering



Often a home’s exterior is overlooked. Melbourne’s weather conditions can be harsh at times and while you may be comfortable inside think about the beating the outside of your house is taking. Cement rendering is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of protection from harsh weather conditions resulting in a structurally sound home for longer.


Energy Efficiency

Not only will this provide your home with added protection, but it will also aid in creating an energy efficient home. The added insulation will keep your home cooler in summer, and warmer in winter.   


Aesthetically Pleasing

Probably the most obvious benefit and reasoning behind rendering your home is the cosmetic enhancement that comes along with it. You can choose to enhance the build style of your home with colours and textures; anything is possible with a cement rendering solution from the Rendering Melbourne team!

Any Design, We Can Do It!


Rendered homes are presented differently all over the world. Offering our clients an array of different colours, the Rendering Melbourne team, can create any aesthetic you desire to achieve.


Many property homeowners think that render is reserved solely for the outside of a home. However, we believe there are no limitations. We have serviced numerous clients with interior rendering requirements, resulting in a striking feature wall in various colours and finishes.


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The Rendering Melbourne team are Victoria’s cement rendering professionals! We are committed to providing our clients with the best service and project result possible. We guarantee to work with you in order to achieve your desired effect. To take advantage of your free quotation service, call the Rendering Melbourne team today!